How to Backup Your WhatsApp Messages:-

Every one who uses any messaging app has accidentally deleted messages at some point. Like photos, these conversations hold some valuable memories and it is indeed a tragedy when a person deletes them by mistake. The most popular messaging app in the world, WhatsApp, allows people to take a backup of their conversation history (including […]

How to Identify Fake Facebook Account:-

Fake Facebook Accounts is proving out to be a new Trend on Facebook. Probably 20-30% of total Facebook Accounts are fake or even more, This Number is anticipated to be increasing in Future. Fake accounts on Facebook are mainly created with an intention to Spam all over Facebook and Spread Virus. Many people Create Fake […]

How to Enable Hibernate In Windows 8……

Lot of Things Changed in Windows 8 as Compared to Windows 7, Start Screen Was One of the Addition to Windows 8, Have a look at 5 Ways to Customize Windows 8 Start screen, And Couple of things have Even Disappeared from Windows 8 like Start Button and Hibernate Option. Probably the Reason Microsoft Disabled […]

YouTube now streams 60fps video on Android and iOS:-

YouTube launched both 60fps video on a desktop and — after — for live video streams. Starting today, we can also watch a service’s well-spoken 60fps videos in a iOS and Android apps. Given that these video streams were already accessible on YouTube’s other categorical platforms, it was usually a matter of time before Google […]